Relations Manager

Description  The Relations Manager shall establish strategic partnerships, identify opportunities and coordinate events, both within the DoD and with external stakeholders (e.g., Department of Homeland Security (DHS), etc.), to synchronize JPEO-CBRND efforts with ongoing initiatives. The Relations Manager:  Shall serve as a liaison with HQDA, representing the JPM at meetings when the JPM/Deputy JPM is unable to attend.  Shall provide program information, analyses, and recommendations to HQDA to support program actions and decisions.  Will provide status updates of ongoing HQDA actions pertaining to IBD and all Joint Urgent Operational Needs (JUONs) and Operational Need Statements (ONSs).  Serve as a liaison between JPM G and the Department of the Army Plans and Operations Division (G3).  Establish working relationships with senior Government staff within Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology (ASA(ALT)), specifically in the Fires and Force Protection Division.  The contractor shall develop program policy, operations, installation smart books, and budgeting.  The contractor shall provide input and analysis of Program Objective Memorandum (POM) sustainment cost projections.  Qualifications Secret clearance, at a minimum. Interim may be acceptable.  Master's and 10 years of experience,  or Bachelor's and 12 Expertise in emergency management operations and apply this knowledge to training, policies, plans, and procedures.  Familiarity with Army organization and processes at the Service (i.e., HQDA) and installation level.  Desired Qualifications: Degree in Communications, English or Business Management 1814458
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
11 - 15 years

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.